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Discover with us the very best of African Wildlife experiences.

We know that you are drawn to Africa to witness for yourself its natural wealth, a wealth of natural wonder for which the continent has been famous for centuries. When you surrender to its irresistible draw, you gain its wealth for yourself.

Safari Travel DMC consists of much more than guides and drivers. We are citizens of Tanzania, inhabitants of the vast wilderness we endeavour to show you; and, we are neighbours to the rich and vibrant diversity of people who have shared our homeland for thousands of years.

Our tours and game drives are led by trained and experienced naturalists whose many years of experience will thrill you several times a day.
As an esteemed and valued member of one of our safari teams you will participate in countless unforgettable discoveries:Sa




“If your safaris are as blessed as have been so many of our recent teams, you may even see rhinoceros in the Ngorongoro crater. You may see newborn cheetah cubs being fed and protected by their mothers.

You may see leopards astride high limbs of acacia trees storing or guarding an antelope’s remains, resting from a recent meal, or vigilantly scanning the savannah for the next one. You may see families of warthogs whose beauty is unique but impossible not to acknowledge in their natural environments”

Stephen Liao


This is just a part of our Africa… soon to be your Africa, too. No manner or degree of mental anticipation can ever prepare you for the experiences you will enjoy here and the memories you will relive forever. 

Much, much more awaits your personal safari. Countless stories, digital photos and videos are shared with fellow adventurers at nearly every lavish and satisfying meal. 

New, unique, and never before witnessed experiences are routine in Northern Tanzania. Join us for your own.

Witness the power and beauty of Tanzania in comfort and pleasure.

Our naturalists and drivers will provide you with unparalleled tours and game drives. They also, with the superbly tailored and attentive support from our planners, organizers, and hospitality associates, will assure that your rest-times, mealtimes, and bedtimes will be at perfect levels of relaxation for you and your party, restoring your energies for the next day’s agenda of thrills. We contract with Tanzania’s best accommodations and hospitality enterprises. Our guides and planners know the Tanzanian touring industry intimately and work diligently and effectively to match parties with their most appropriate lodging and dining arrangements.

Many of our proudest moments come when recent guests contact us with glowing reviews, not only about the wildlife they’ve witnessed and the fascinating commentary we’ve added, but for how well they’ve slept and eaten! As experienced safari guides, we understand how critically important to your pleasure can be the simple amenities of food and lodging. Our guides are partners with you on your safari. They know exactly how well you are fed and how hospitably your needs are met, even at the most rustic of wilderness campsites. We expect the best value for our guests, and our campsite partners willingly and cheerfully comply. We are Tanzanian!

Please look over our upcoming schedules and standard itineraries. Keep in mind that many of our clients benefit from our ability to tailor personalised arrangements that will more than meet your requirements and expectations. Use our online forms to reserve your Tanzanian Safari with us.

Visitors from everywhere on Earth have come to the Serengeti Plain to discover the most incredible of Earth’s natural drama. For thousands of years, the drama has unfolded in an endless cycle, replaying cycles of survival at the very boundaries of life and death.

See them for yourself. The sensations you will experience will stay with you for a lifetime. The dozens of encounters you will experience cannot be described; they simply cannot be recorded in words or pictures; only your own presence will make them real. The pictures that our guides will help you gather will remind you forever of the vacation of your life.