5 Days

East Usambara Walkin Excursion

area to visit


Day 1: Amani to Handei Forest

Take the African Violet Walking Safari in the morning, viewing four of the nineteen types of African violets found in Tanzania. Enjoy views of tea plantations as you leave Amani Nature Reserve. We can also arrange a tour of the Bulwa or Marvera tea factory for you. Your campsite will feature a breathtaking view of the sunset and sunrise over the Indian Ocean.

Day 2: Handei to Vulii

After breakfast, cross the Lwengera Valley through Kerenge Makaburini to get drinks and mineral water. The farming in this area is varied, and includes sugar cane, cardamom, and bananas.

Day 3: Vulii to Bumbuli

View birds of prey, such as buzzards, at Mahezangulu Village. From the peak of the trail you will see Kumba Dam to the norheast, parts of southeastern Usambara Korogwe, and Handei plains on the south. The hike from Bangalai to Mpalalu takes about two hours, passing through Nkaloi Sub-Village. At Mpalalu, we will stop for refreshments.

To Bumbuli takes four more hours. You will pass through Funta Ridge, where you can view the Indian Ocean on a clear day. The trail is narrow, and you will need to take care. Once downhill, we will cross the Ng`wine River, and then climb up to meet Bumbuli road. You can stay in the Lutheran Rest House (a mission) or the Kivumo Guest House.

Day 4: Bumbulii to Maweni

Village agriculture tarraces and local irrigation system are views of interest. We will lunch at a nice pond at Kwemnyasa Village for lunch, and then walk to Mbughui Ndelemai Forest. We will walk through this lush forest for about two hours, spotting different plants and birds. After exiting the forest, you will be able to view Lushoto town, Irente, and the jutting rocks of the Massai Steppe. At Magila Village, you will see traditional houses, and various agriculture. Climb down to Maweni.

Day 5: Maweni to Lushoto

Leave Maweni for Soni Town, viewing vegetable plots. Visit the Soni Waterfalls, then step climb to Kidundai Village. At the peak you can view back Maweni Rock, Vuga Village, and the road to Mombo. Climb up to Kwemlazi, where at the peak you can see Ubiri Village. Then climb down to Kizara Sub-Village, and meet the tarmac road up to Montessori. We will get refreshments here. Turn right and climb up to Makishimbo Sub-Village, and meet the main road to Lushoto.

Advice for Hikers

• Note that a guide is compulsory for this hike. Without a guide, many of the plants and animals will elude you. You will need good trekking boots and open shoes and warm clothes.
• Make sure that you get mineral water where it is available.
• You will need to be physically fit for this hike; it is also a good starter for someone wanting to attempt a Kilimanjaro climb. If needed, we can arrange a porter for you.




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